day 1 30 day self harm challenge

I first cut about a year ago when my parents divorced and I left it for ages and didn’t cut again but since Christmas time things got worse and I started cutting more often, I did it because i can’t do anything right, I fail at everything I argue with people on top of that no one understands it and I can’t explain to people what I’m going through and how I’m feeling so I cut to let it all out instead



i haven’t written in ages again! i’ve been caught up in so much with school. 

I have 2 GCSE maths mock tests next week and i’m dreading them i fail at maths its the one thing i can’t do well along with drawing. I want to get a C so i can do higher tier maths next year as i’m expected a B so thats my aim but knowing my maths skills i’ll fail. 

School has been rubbish like normal everything has been rubbish and everyone is being a dick head! my friend had a bad day and thinks the world just stops working so she wasn’t in any lessons i didn’t mind to be honest i hate her anyway but i have to pretend to like her although we’re in an argument at the moment  which is fine by me don’t have to deal with her.I’ve had a rubbish past week thats why i haven’t blogged much as i was trying to sort things out and i think i’m pulling through so yeah sorry to anyone who reads my blog for not writing 


so i havent written in my blog in a while now. i went to see man of steel OM wendesday with my mate and it was amazing! one of the best films Ive ever seen! i loved it so much! im a huge fan of superman and other super hero films!!! schools being boring as per usual and Ive been feeling pretty crap too but I’m sure that with the help of my close friends I’ll get over it and be back to normal again. i watched the movie no strings attached the other day it was another great film but it didnt beat man of steel. it was sports day today at school but i didnt participate so i just sat on the field with my friends for 2 hours it was so boring!!! *yawns* im hopefully getting some leggins with superman all over them this weekend! i saw them when i was shopping with a friend and i literally fell in love with some clothes! i loved them!!!! <3333 xxx



urgh!!! today has been one of the worst days ever, my best mate is just ignoring me which is so annoying! she tells me to open up to her and to tell her things when im upset but as soon as i trust her with my secrets and tell her whats wrong she reads my messages and ignores me! so much for friends being there for each other! she is my best mte shes like a sister to me but she acts like she dont care shes just ignoring my message! i am so angry!